You That’s the Bounty

How’s this for a still corner of peace & prosperity
where pines stretch up in their snowy clothes
to gain a glimpse of sunrise glowing like easter eggs,
aspened ridge reflecting across the canyon
from where these young bucks in boots & does in slippers & sweats
are nestled in an A-frame filled with wood heat & good cheer?

Some kind of retreated universe awakens
that city folk don’t know exist
unless they’re kidnapped all friendly-like
by their winter soul counterparts begins its orbit,
upon which a mild form of Stockholm Syndrome settles.

Ain’t it funny how,
when you think you have it all figured out,
it all starts figuring you,
and what seemed like a search turns into a hunt,
except it’s you that’s the bounty
and you’re seriously considering turning yourself in?

(12/29/2016 – Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah)

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