Never Gets Old

So you want to know
how to be no one?
Shed your skin some?
It’s now or never, and it never gets old.

Calibrate your expectations:
things about to get real imperfect.
But it’s now or never. And it never gets old.

By hook or by crook
gotta level that head.
Must be present to win. Must be present to win.

Now or never never gets old

Easier said than done.
She said: Easy does it. Easy does it.
She said: Never get old.
This never gets old.

Now or never never gets old.
Won’t be around when it’s all told,
will we? Or will we? Will we?

(4/5, 4/10, & 4/14/2018 – Airplane in the southern USA skies & Adams Point, Oakland, California)

A Balanced Breakfast

Rye whiskey and Marlboro reds.
Part of a balanced breakfast I guess.
Aiming for another rebirth.
Today I’m gonna be on good behavior.
It’s just I’m easily tempted.
Call me a fan of the unexpected,
the unexpected.

Eggs and coffee. Jam and toast.
Part of a balanced breakfast I’m told.
Woke up dreaming, woke up hungry,
woke up thinking about the days I was younger.
Looking out my kitchen window.
Waiting ’round for lightning in a bottle,
lightning in a bottle.

Second guesses and recollections.
Part of a balanced breakfast again.
I’m an early bird,
but I’m slowing down, harder to catch a worm.
Lost my shirt, not gonna find it.
If life ain’t hard, well you ain’t trying,
well, you ain’t trying.

Blind faith and a rubber soul.
Part of a balanced breakfast, you know.
One with last.
One with the ashes.
One with the next.
One with less.
All a part of
a balanced breakfast.

(3/22, 3/27, & 4/2/2018 – Lake Merritt and Adams Point, Oakland, California)

Get Used To It

Well, well, well-come
to another non-fictional
American morning, 2018.
Ready, fire, aim…
Get used to it.

Loose cannons, loose lips.
Ladies & gentlemen:
Get used to it.

“I can see it very well…
Take my word
he’s a madman
don’t you know?”

It’s all part of the plan,
I swear.
Get used to it.
We’ll take it from here.

Keep your TV on
with the sound off.
Get used to it.

Who’s a role model anyhow?
My way or none at all.
Keep ’em guessing, yeah we’ll throw ’em off.
Maybe we’ll think about it over a round of golf.

Stay seated
where you are.
We’ll keep you entertained
another hour.
Your role in this is critical.
Another day,
another curtain call.
Get used to it.

(3/11/2019 – Adams Point, Oakland, California)

A Father’s Vow

As a father, I vow
to be there for you
’til the cows come home
and then some.

No matter what.

To be the lone light
that stays on all night
and through to morning.

To embody no-matter-what love.

To teach and to listen
and to be taught.
To pass on that which serves
and try to leave behind the rest.

To take good care
in those I put around you
’cause it takes a lifelong village
to raise a be-ing
and to allow you the space
to raise yourself some.

I vow love and only love.

To rise up beyond any & all bullshit in the world.

To make you feel at home as your loudest self,
to make you feel at home as your at-peace self,
and to have the most fun we can imagine
all along the path.

(10/28/2017 – Adams Point, Oakland, California)

Open Season

I only write songs I can stand to sing.
Words on a page don’t mean a thing.
And if it don’t add up, you got reason to doubt:
Magic’s what happens when the math runs out.

King for a day. Queen for a night.
Princess for an afternoon. Prince until the light.
High brow low brow, high horse low.
Down & out for now but rising slow.

It’s open season. Take aim.

(11/3/2017 – Adams Point, Oakland, California)