2/13/2016 – Mendocino County, California


Getting out of town, let it be gone.
Drive up 101, let it be known.
Three empty days ahead, for-ward thus,
rubbing elbows with some other roughs.


Lean & light milky ways
make space between the logs for breath & air.
The flames glow, less is more.
Behold, the power of reduction!
Eagerness subsides as stillness arrives & the veins start to thrive.


An irony arises:
the state of infinite connection, oh how high the harmony,
while being completely, physically alone is proof:
We are all kosmos.


The clouds our hometowns,
planet ancestors,in orbit, invisible
silver trails & traces, celestial
reflected & rippling lake of universal blue:
INTO the night-pine true-light myth-lined mind-hue

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