A Balanced Breakfast

Rye whiskey and Marlboro reds.
Part of a balanced breakfast I guess.
Aiming for another rebirth.
Today I’m gonna be on good behavior.
It’s just I’m easily tempted.
Call me a fan of the unexpected,
the unexpected.

Eggs and coffee. Jam and toast.
Part of a balanced breakfast I’m told.
Woke up dreaming, woke up hungry,
woke up thinking about the days I was younger.
Looking out my kitchen window.
Waiting ’round for lightning in a bottle,
lightning in a bottle.

Second guesses and recollections.
Part of a balanced breakfast again.
I’m an early bird,
but I’m slowing down, harder to catch a worm.
Lost my shirt, not gonna find it.
If life ain’t hard, well you ain’t trying,
well, you ain’t trying.

Blind faith and a rubber soul.
Part of a balanced breakfast, you know.
One with last.
One with the ashes.
One with the next.
One with less.
All a part of
a balanced breakfast.

(3/22, 3/27, & 4/2/2018 – Lake Merritt and Adams Point, Oakland, California)

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