Get Used To It

Well, well, well-come
to another non-fictional
American morning, 2018.
Ready, fire, aim…
Get used to it.

Loose cannons, loose lips.
Ladies & gentlemen:
Get used to it.

“I can see it very well…
Take my word
he’s a madman
don’t you know?”

It’s all part of the plan,
I swear.
Get used to it.
We’ll take it from here.

Keep your TV on
with the sound off.
Get used to it.

Who’s a role model anyhow?
My way or none at all.
Keep ’em guessing, yeah we’ll throw ’em off.
Maybe we’ll think about it over a round of golf.

Stay seated
where you are.
We’ll keep you entertained
another hour.
Your role in this is critical.
Another day,
another curtain call.
Get used to it.

(3/11/2019 – Adams Point, Oakland, California)

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