Celebrity troubles & Robot blood

(co-written with Elder Wombat)

Celebrity troubles & Robot blood
Late night rambling as you walk down the path;

Confetti debris from the parade last week..
Illusions humbled themselves in the belly of our hero.

Familiar melons, twists & turns, then the tunnel;
The light came on, I was bracing and embracing.

The steam whistle and crooked smokestack of the old locomotive coming down the tracks
spoke to me in a voice at once familiar and odd,
convinced me to step aside and save my life.

I turned, walked up the hill, and air smelled cool and bright..
as dark engines below rolled on & passed me by.

In eves when the story shifted and a song sprouted like soft grass underfoot
I strummed the chords struck once that long lost dawn,
Skeletons, in harmony, sing “Move along”.

(6/16-7/18/2017 – North Road, Blue Mounds, Wisconsin & Adams Point, Oakland, California)

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