The looser the hold, the longer the curve

It was a just-summer’s dusk at the shoreline park
where I set down my domineer’s cap
not yet knowing what was given up.

Sitting by a snailshell hanging on a blade of grass and bobbed by twilight eddy,
I start unstraigthening.

The matter of distance one sees is in the eye of the beholder.
The looser the hold,
the longer the curve,
yet nearer and nearer you become.

Then what first seemed a sacrifice
ripens as a star within a slowly emerging constellation.
A gently pulsing light-of-the-cosmos
signals in a universal morse code:

You don’t need to be there
to be there.

(6/3 & 6/15/2017 – Shoreline Park, Mountain View, California & Adams Point, Oakland, California)

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