Pizza & Wine

Pizza & wine, pizza & wine,
talk about a low-key, hell-of-a-time.
Give me an afternoon to design
& I’ll provide the pizza & wine. (x2)

In Napa in my mind, Napoli in my soul.
Warmed up & feeling fine, where’s our company to go?
Staying right here, we end up going out
there, exuberant eyes we share with pizza & wine.

Pizza & wine, pizza & wine,
I’m a devot-ee, not gonna lie.
Let’s open up to yours & mine.
How else to start but with pizza & wine? (x2)

Glasses half-full, slices all around.
It’s raining outside, nowhere to go now
‘xcept upward & onward, indoors yet worldwide.
Corks & crusts, oh what a sight! Lord long live pizza & wine.

Pizza & wine, pizza & wine,
something about them tastes divine.
The Gods were sure showing us a sign
the day they created pizza & wine. (x2)

(12/10/2016 – Adams Point, Oakland, California)

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