Just Our Parade


Passing the time up on this hill &
you are looking down on me.
When I ran through woods in wonder,
shepherd showed me, on his knee.

Elder in the family, you
took a leap & moved down south.
Bull was bucking hard & heavy,
stayed in-saddle past the count.

Bugs & grass & maple trees
in the yard, red Saturdays.
At the Camp and in the Barn we
watched the band & Badgers play.

Answers, back then, didn’t have them.
Stories, curiosity.
Tasting all you had prepared for
Grandchild, growing up to be

A lion, proud of the pride,
leading a life a fighter.
Peaceful inside, fierce on the outside,
out on a limb, lucky again
as the curves of the moon make the crown on your head.

The one thing I have to ask that
I’ve been holding in so long:
Do you remember our talks together
when it was late & we were alone?

Well, I’ve been holding on so long,
so deep, so tight, so close so strong
To our talks together when it was late,
& we were alone, just our parade.

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