That’s Right

Madison, WI – February 2010

All the marbles, slanted floors
Haven’t I done this before?
In ninety-nine, that’s right:
lakes of ice and frozen smiles.

Within these walls and out of doors,
number one is what’s in store.
We’re losing our mind, that’s right,
playing around with unloaded dice

That’s right, is this thing on this time?
Are you coasting along just fine?
What’s the plan? How’s your family?
Man, one leaves and makes me empty.

Legends and myths and signs,
And crumbs and flickering lamp lights.
Hold the door for me now, please
I’d walk through, advice’s not free.

The Jack of Spades & all the trades
leads us through today’s parade.
Audiences on all sides,
jobs and lives and alibis.

Melt the chisel, break the stone.
Burn the ghosts your father’s known.
Letting questions gather dust
with yesterday’s cold & jagged rust.


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